About Resistance

Storywise the Ingress Resistance believes in the strength of free will, fights so the control of its own evolution stays in the humanity`s hands. Resistance refuses external influence of Shapers and their unclear goals.

Resistance community connects people who take the values of free will and selfdetermination fundamental even outside of Ingress. We have members of nearly every age group and many proffesional backgrounds who find Ingress a way to relax besides their family and work life, a way to meet new people and new places, and, mainly, entertainment.

Our community`s key values are to have fun, to play fair, respect other players, have a common sense and a clear sense of life priorities. Whether we perceive Ingress as a game, or a fight for the humanity`s destiny, we believe this game/fight to be just a means, not a goal.

Why to join the community

Ingress is a social game — to achieve more difficult goals like building big fields, farms preparation, but even in common gameplay it favors those who can find common grounds and cooperate. That is why Ingress players organize themselves into communities, commonly built upon Google+ social network.

There are both a czech-wide Ingress Czech Resistance community and local resistance communities in the Czech Republic.

Ingress Czech Resistance community

Our community is intended for all Resistance agents playing in the Czech Republic. We help in intercity coordination and supports new players who look for local communities.

To join our community send us an email to the address join@czech-resistance.cz and include your gameplay screenshot using a desktop browser (of address www.ingress.com/intel) and ideally a URL to your Google+ profile. Gameplay profile, even anonymous, is enough.

Ingress Czech Resistance Logo

Local communities

In case you would like your local community listed here please send us an email to info@czech-resistance.cz.