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What is Ingress?

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What is Ingress?

Ingress is a smartphone game using "augmented reality" principles. Thanks to your smartphone using Android or iOS operating system and the Ingress application you will get to know your sorroundings in a completely new way: historical landmarks, works of arts, even seemingly trivial places you pass everyday will play their role in a battle for the future of the humanity.

According to the storyline of Ingress these places turn into portals — places where the so-called exotic matter is flooding into our space due to an influence of a race of Shapers. It is a goal of players — agents to take control of these places and doing so to help to direct future evolution of the mankind. To control these areas you have to physically visit them — thanks to Ingress you will go outside exploring the streets and nature to get to know many new places.

The basic goal of Ingress is to control the portals and to link them forming fields that influence human mind through the exotic matter.

What is Resistance?

You will choose on of the sides - Resistance or Enlightened. Members of Enlightened trust the promises of Shapers that through the exotic matter the human evolution will accelerate.
Members of Resistance believe in the strength of free will, they fight so the control of its own evolution stays in the humanity`s hands. They refuse external influence of Shapers and their unclear goals.

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Why should you take part?

  • it`s fun
  • you get to know new places and even discover a new perspective of sites you thought you know
  • to get into game you have to walk, which is the most healthy form of transportation
  • you get to know a lof of new friends

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Downlad the application:

Get it on Google Play

Register your account

In order to play Ingress you will need a Google account. In case you already use some Google service you just sign in, otherwise you will have to enter your email address and pick your password.

Choose the nick the other players will recognize you by, future change is possible but it takes a long time.

Choose your side

If you want to join us, choose Resistance (blue choice Join the Resistance).

Once you join our side we recommend to join our community.


Shonin Resistance Brno

The Shonin XM Anomaly event will hit Brno on 21.2.2015. Join us to secure Resistance victory!